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Stay Safe with PAT Testing Services in York

We are here for the safety of York residents! Portable appliance testing (also known as PAT testing) can save lives. Why is PAT testing necessary? Stop and think: How many portable electronics do you use daily? Whether it be a computer, video game console, tea kettle, microwave, lamp, television, refrigerator – literally anything. The answer you came up with may have been shocking when you consider the number of electrical devices we use daily without ever thinking about it.

Now, consider that every electronic you use in your day-to-day life will always come with a slight safety risk at best. At worst, something could happen to the electrical hardware, causing an electrical fire or electric shock, which could be fatal depending on the severity of the situation. The scary thing is because you cannot see the internal wires, you don’t always know when there is a hazard, which makes electrical fires and electrocution unpredictable. PAT Testing can help prevent something like this from ever happening.

The good news is that a PAT testing service here in York can help prevent those incidents. PAT testing is a type of testing that can find any faults in the equipment you use in your everyday life. Here at PAT Testing Express, we help keep you safe and can test your electrical equipment.

Why Should I Choose PAT Testing Express?

PAT Testing is something that we do not take lightly. We are one of the leading companies that can provide PAT testing in York. We promise that you will never see any hidden fees with our testing, we offer free quotes, and we understand that life happens, so we will never charge you if you have to call out of your service request.

Why Should I Get PAT Testing Done on My Appliances?

Workplace Safety

We all want to feel safe at work; who doesn’t? You likely use and are around as much electrical equipment at your job as you are at home. If you run a business, service inspection and testing are not only mandatory but critical for the safety and security of you and your employees.


There is an electrical-related incident, and you are up to date on the PAT testing for the device that caused the incident. You have the paperwork to prove (and we also have PAT testing records). The paperwork should make working with insurance easier because you have done everything you should have done.

Airbnb/Property Rentals

You want each of your guests to have a pleasant experience during their stay on your property in York, regardless of if it is a long-term rental or short-term stay. They will use all of the same appliances you would in your home. Minimise the chance of something going wrong, and get PAT testing for your portable devices regularly.

What Portable Appliances Can We Test?

We can do PAT testing on a multitude of portable appliances. We can test the following:

We Make Following Protocol Easier for You in York

It can be daunting when you are in charge of the safety of other people as a landlord. Thankfully, York has placed safety regulations to help keep you and your tenants safe and legally protected. The regulations require you to get PAT testing for your portable appliances. Sure, it is one more thing to do as a property manager and owner, but getting your portable equipment tested will give you peace of mind if you follow the protocols. You can read more about them here.

Contact Us Today for PAT Testing in York

PAT Testing Express is here for you! Do you have more questions for us? Are you ready for a round of portable appliance testing and would like to get a free quote? Please feel free to contact us here. We are happy to be involved with keeping the York community safe. After contacting us, a PAT testing expert will reach out to you to determine your needs with what appliances need a PAT test. After that, we will go from there.

During the PAT Testing, we will perform multiple types of inspections so that nothing goes unseen if we run into an appliance that may have a safety hazard. After the testing, we will give you a detailed report of our findings to keep for your records and let you know about any concerning appliances that need replacing.

We look forward to working with you!