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pat testing in doncaster

PAT Testing in Doncaster

PAT Testing in Doncaster is here for you when you need to be testing your PAT. We offer complete PAT testing Doncaster services, to help you ensure your PAT tests are in compliance with the local regulations. To help your location meet all compliance and regulatory needs, we offer the following PAT testing services:

  • Portable appliance testing
  • Electrical testing
  • PAT-Testing
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Testing emergency lighting
  • Fixed wire testing
  • Fire alarm installation
  • Electric car charging
  • Emergency lighting testing
  • Fire prevention installation services
  • Home installation services

We also offer learning and support services, like:

  • Additional learning support about PAT regulations
  • PAT testing information to support student life on campus
  • PAT information, student life brochures for on campus regulations

If you are engaged in a business that requires PAT testing for fire safety or other reasons, you can count on the trusted services from PAT Testing Express to make sure your home or business is complying with all PAT testing protocols. We are located in Doncaster and have been providing testing services for the Doncaster area since 2008. 

PAT Testing Services

Our services are renowned in the Doncaster area. We have varied clients that range from sole traders to banks. Everyone is happy with our testing services.

No testing job is to small for PAT Testing Express! We make sure that each test is given the seriousness it deserves. We carry out all of our tests to the current IEE regulations. Our goal is to help you maintain compliance with all the IEE mandatory regulations, like those associated with health and safety regulations. 

Regulations safe that you must get your electrical equipment tested to ensure it is safe to use. We will help you with these tests right here in Doncaster. Then, we will supply you with the certificates and all necessary records to prove that you have taken all the necessary precautions and safety measures to ensure your location is safe for employees and guests. 

PAT Installation and Testing

Our PAT testing involves cutting edge technology that uses the latest equipment to investigate your location. We conduct a visual inspection of your equipment and the environment. We deliver a full advisory of any existing risks and dangers before we test your leads and plugs. This is all done prior to the actual testing. 

When we are ready to conduct the actual test, some appliances must be turned off first. In some cases, it is impractical to turn off certain appliances, but don’t worry – we are experiences in handling issues of this exact manner. Sometimes a visual inspection can be substituted and we can provide a record noting this fact and the explanation.

Our PAT installation and testing caters to all voltages between 110 volts and 415 volts. You can count on us for all of your Doncaster testing needs. We have a reputation in Doncaster for being honest and reliable and genuinely invested in helping your business succeed with its PAT testing needs. If a test is unsuccessful, we can provide services to help you get back up to regulation standards so you can continue your operations safely and without delay.

What you see is what you get. Our prices start from as low as 49 pounds, all inclusive. There are reasonable charges from 60p dependent on the amount of testing you need done, but you can rest assured that there are no hidden charges or call out charges associated with our business. We even provide our clients with an out of hours service for no additional charge.

Contact Us for All Your PAT Testing Needs!

Contact us today about your PAT testing needs. You can talk with us about your current needs and we are happy to get you a quote for your home or business. Contact our shop to discuss your needs and we can help you get your business open and running shortly. 

Even if it is after hours, you can count on us to get back to you ASAP to help you sort out all of your current and future PAT testing needs. We understand how important it is to comply with today’s regulations. Contact us today!