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When you buy a new appliance or if you are using electrical appliances in a working capacity, you must ensure they are safe to use. Today we will be looking at PAT testing in Hull and why it is important.

What is PAT (Portable Appliance Test) Testing?

The term “portable appliance testing” (PAT) refers to the process of inspecting electrical equipment and appliances to make sure they are secure for usage. The majority of electrical safety flaws may be seen or examined, while some flaws can only be detected by testing. It is crucial to realise that visual inspection is a crucial step in the process because some types of electrical safety flaws cannot be found through testing alone. Any electrical maintenance programme can benefit greatly from including a quick user check. However, depending on the type of equipment and the environment in which it is used, more formal visual inspection and testing by a competent person may also be required at the proper intervals.

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Get PAT Test Certificates

Everything You Need to Know About a PAT Testing Certificate

The person(s) doing the tests should offer a PAT test certificate as proof that a check has been carried out. It serves as a legal document that attests that all reasonable measures have been taken to verify the electrical safety of all electrical equipment. A PAT test certificate can also provide specifics about the results of all tests that have been performed.

How Often do I Need to Renew the PAT Certificate?

PAT Test Certificate Expiry

Although a PAT test certificate has no set expiration date, it is advised that portable appliance tests on Class 1 electrical equipment be retested every 48 months and Class 2 appliances every 24 months.

PAT Testing Prices

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What Electrical Appliances Need to be PAT Tested?

Any portable appliance that has a flexible wire or plug and socket needs to be tested. This means that every device with a plug that is attached to a power outlet or a generator needs to undergo a check. Electric drills, computers, monitors, printers, kettles, and larger pieces of equipment like photocopiers and vending machines should all be examined. A PAT test would not be required for any cordless power tools. However, the accompanying wall-plug-connected battery charger needs to be examined.

Heated towel rails and built-in dishwashers are examples of larger, ostensibly non-portable devices that still need to be checked. Because they plug into a power source, these items are considered portable.

Because they are held to a different standard than the device they power, power cables for IT devices must undergo a separate PAT test from that equipment. As one of the most prevalent sources of safety risks, cable extensions are also examined.

Is PAT Testing a Legal Requirement?

What do You Need PAT Testing Certificates For?

As mentioned above, results don’t have an expiry date as such but it is recommended to get a new PAT test certificate every 2 years. A PAT test certificate is not a legal requirement. Simply put, the law compels employers to make sure that their electrical equipment is maintained to reduce risk but it doesn’t specify how or how frequently a PAT test certificate should be obtained. Employers should adopt a risk-based strategy while taking into account the equipment’s nature and intended use.

Equipment Used to Test Portable Appliances

Appliances are PAT tested using a variety of instruments. Each instrument has a certain function, while the whole set serves as a full kit. Let’s look at some of the various pieces of gear that are often included in a portable appliance testing kit.

Voltage, resistance, and current can all be measured with a multimeter, which is a tool for electrical measurements. Given that it enables a precise and safe check is carried out on electrical systems, it is a crucial tool for any engineer or electrician. A multimeter can be used to measure resistance in a component, check for voltage drops, and verify the continuity of a circuit. A multimeter can aid in confirming that an electrical system is secure and compliant with regulations when used in conjunction with a PAT tester. A multimeter can aid in the prevention of fires and other dangers by checking the various components of an electrical system.

One of the most crucial pieces of equipment for a PAT test is a voltage tester. The tester is used to inspect an appliance’s insulation and guarantee that it is correctly grounded. The tester can also be used to verify the wiring and cords of an appliance for continuity. The voltage tester assists in ensuring that a device is safe to use by examining the insulation and grounding. A voltage tester is therefore an essential piece of equipment for any PAT test.

The earth leakage tester is a crucial component of any PAT test. This tool is used to gauge the amount of current moving through an device’s ground line. If the current is excessive, there may be an issue with the appliance’s insulation, which could result in a shock hazard. The earth leakage tester assists in ensuring that electrical equipment is safe to use by checking for excessive currents.