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Leading Huddersfield PAT Testing Services 

If you require PAT testing Huddersfield area, then look no further than PAT Testing Express. Based in West Yorkshire PAT Testing Express covers all of Yorkshire including Huddersfield. 

They are highly experienced and unrivalled in the Huddersfield area to test any portable appliance efficiently and professionally.

Comprehensive PAT testing Huddersfield 

We regularly undertake Pat Testing in Huddersfield for many companies and self-employed operators. As Yorkshire’s leading portable appliance testing company, we are here to ensure the safety of all electrical appliances on your Huddersfield property.

The Benefits of PAT Testing Electrical Equipment

PAT testing an appliance and electrical equipment in your workplace significantly reduces the risk of electrical accidents. Electrical defects are the main causes of fires breaking out. 

PAT testing is a simple but necessary procedure under current UK regulations that need to be carried out by trained and qualified PAT testing electricians.

What Equipment in the Workplace needs PAT Testing?

Portable appliance testing will be carried out on every portable appliance on the property. What we mean by a portable appliance is equipment that needs to be plugged into the building’s main electrical circuit. 

As an example

Anything electrical and portable in the working environment needs to be tested by qualified electricians. 

PAT Testing FAQs

What is PAT Testing?

PAT is an abbreviation for “portable appliance testing” which is checking the safety of electrical appliances. We use visual and manual checks using PAT testing equipment to check electrical appliances.

Does my Huddersfield Business need a PAT Test?

The health & safety at work act 1974 puts the duty of care and safety in the workplace both on the employer and employees. PAT testing of electrical equipment ensures the safety of electrical equipment with a service inspection and testing. 

What is the IEE code of practice?

IIEE is a code of practice produced by The Institute of Engineering & Technology. Their code of practice provides advice on in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment to check safety and continued usage.

How long will the PAT testing take?

Our engineers can test normally 20 electrical items per hour. The time it takes to test all electrical items on your Huddersfield premises depends on a few factors. 

Pat testing can take one hour or all day, depending on what needs to be tested. We offer free price quotes, now is the perfect time to get a price quotation along with the approximate time it would take to carry out the testing.

How frequently should PAT testing be carried out?

The recommendation is to carry out a visual inspection every 2 to 4 years. Full Official PAT testing should be carried out every 5 years.

The PAT testing certificate itself doesn’t have an expiry date, although, for your peace of mind and the welfare of your employees, we would recommend annual checks.

The PAT testing we carry out is very affordable and for Huddersfield companies, we won’t be beaten on price.

Our Pat Testing Services in Huddersfield

Portable Appliance Testing includes 

What we offer with PAT testing 

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