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At Yorkshire PAT Testing Express – We offer an excellent service, your safety being paramount.

We have been in this trade since 2008 based in Yorkshire UK, testing electrical appliances all over the Yorkshire area.

We specialise in Electrical appliances testing procedures for homes and businesses, we strive to keep the pat testing cost in Yorkshire realistic and no job is too big or too small, and all test surveys & test assessments come with an electrical safety certificate after work has been completed without any additional cost, ideal for a household or landlord “peace of mind” that all electrical appliances in the building have undergone a safety service inspection and tested by us and deemed as safe to use.

What is a PAT Test and do I need one?

A PAT test (Portable Appliance Testing) is simply a term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances to ensure they are safe to use.

Portable appliance testing known as “PAT” for short is an industry standard in the UK.

In the UK luckily, we do have very stringent safety laws regarding electrical appliances all have to adhere to and pass certain tests, standards, safety codes and practices as you may already know a majority of electrical goods are imported in and have to meet our safety standards, unfortunately, some slip through the net and end up on our high streets for consumers to purchase unaware of the dangers.

If you rent out properties, it’s a legal requirement by law that all electrical equipment supplied to a tenant is safe to use and has a PAT test safety certificate, perfect to show a prospective tenant that all electrical appliances in the building have undergone a safety service check and tested by us and deemed as safe to use by PAT Testing West Yorkshire electrician.

A PAT test needs to be carried out before the premises are rented and ideally at very regular intervals, the cost and rates are minimal.

Businesses by law also need to have electrical testing performed with a test and checks carried out at regular intervals to ensure safety for all employees, if you’re in West Yorkshire PAT services can call at your premises at a time that suits you, cost can be calculated per device and not for the whole premises if needed although you will find our prices are very reasonable.

Electrical fires happen mostly in our business’s premises or homes because of faulty wiring, substandard appliances or lack of maintenance or service, as the PAT testing cost is minimal it’s a “no brainer” in my eyes not to get us guys in PAT testing equipment, it’s all about peace of mind, PAT testing should be carried out in every premises for all electrical items! 

As an honest reliable PAT Testing Yorkshire company and what can be expected?

So what’s involved in PAT testing and services, firstly our engineer will do a visual check of any electrical equipment and the vicinity it’s situated before using the latest up-to-date equipment to check plugs, leads and cables etc 

Testing was undertaken by us 

What does PAT testing cost?

PAT testing Yorkshire and surrounding areas including Leeds by us start from a very reasonable £49 or 60p per item/part depending on what needs to be tested with no hidden costs and no call-out charge.

PAT services conducted by ourselves have no hidden cost you will be given a full quote for you to agree to before any work is carried out.

How to book an Electrical Appliance Inspection? 

Visit our web page and open the “contact us” tab here can be seen our telephone number and address.

If you visit our website, PAT testing prices and the procedure and services PAT testing undertakes are displayed.

The initial visit to your business or house is free of charge, for any testing, there will be a price to pay for PAT Testing work undertaken, although you will receive a quote beforehand where you will see all our prices are very reasonable.

Why choose PAT Testing Express to survey and test your home or business electrical equipment?

We constantly keep up to date with any changes to PAT testing regulations, which as a householder or business (you can also check yourself for any PAT testing press releases) ensure your equipment meets all UK Standards at all times.

An “out-of-hours” PAT service at no extra cost is also offered.

All PAT work carried out by ourselves comes with a certificate of compliance. 

No job is too small, contact us for PAT testing portable equipment such as hair dryers, kettles, coffee makers and computers etc.

We consider ourselves to be in a “class of our own” all our testing electricians are PAT registered and will go out of their way to offer you the best electrical solutions for your home or business at a minimal cost.

If you have any more questions regarding our PAT Testing or the cost involved please don’t hesitate to send a message.

PAT testing prices start from £49 all-inclusive, don’t delay, and message us today!