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Don’t get caught out by any changes in electric appliance regulations, As a PAT tester Leeds area, we keep abreast of any changes in UK electrical regulations.

If you are a business owner in Leeds we highly recommend having all electrical items and appliances on your premises tested by our qualified PAT testers. A PAT testing inspection is very affordable and ensures the safety of your workforce.

The electrical test and PAT testing inspection itself is a simple affair for our qualified electrical technicians. Having PAT testing on your company appliances will not impact your business in any way. Apart from being a positive move ensuring every item is in good order and working correctly.

Safety for a workforce on your property is paramount, having PAT testing is good for their piece of mind as well as yours.

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Electrical Portable Appliance Testing

Do I need a portable appliance test is a common question we get, and the answer is NO! Although as an employer the law does require you to ensure all electrical items are maintained and in good working order.

For your own safety and the safety of your employees, it’s a good procedure to have regular PAT testing carried out. As a business having a portable appliance tested by a reputable company like ours is a no-brainer! 

PAT Testers

When we are PAT testing, many problems can be seen with just a visual inspection. Most of these problems are easily remedied by our qualified technicians.

We have listed a few common problems below, which if not rectified could cause injury or fire.

Don’t let yourself or your staff become injury victims, get an approved and certified PAT Testing company into your premises today.

Landlords PAT Testing Service in Leeds

A person who rents out accommodation not only in Leeds but the UK is required by law to ensure all electrical equipment on the premises is up to standard and safe to use.

For landlords PAT testing is essential, it is also a care of duty to your tenants for their safety. A portable appliance testing inspection needs to be carried out every year or if a tenant moves out and before a new tenant moves in.

As a landlord, once tests have been carried out, you will be issued with a PAT testing report for every appliance or electrical equipment that’s been tested.

How PAT Testing Inspection Works

Our PAT testing team come to your premises to check electrical items in situ, then it’s just four easy steps.

Step One

Our electrical engineers using the latest equipment will do a visual check on all equipment and appliances and their environment.

Step Two

Our engineer will advise on any present electrical risks.

Step Three

After a visual check, as part of our services, we will carry out each test on appliances using our state of the art up to date test equipment.

Step Four

If electrical work needs to be carried out to make an appliance safe, we will advise you of your options. If all electrical items are up to the standard our engineers will issue you with a report detailing what has been PAT tested.

You will also get a PAT testing certificate to prove you have taken the correct safety measures to safeguard your staff and premises.


We offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE before we start any work.

Prices for a PAT testing service start at a very affordable £49 including VAT. Out-of-hours services are also available at no extra cost.

If you have been quoted a lower price for PAT testing from one of our competitors, contact us with written details and we will match it. We will not be beaten on price for our PAT testing service.

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