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Leading Electrical Testing and Inspection Company in Leeds

For a professional electrical testing Leeds company look no further than PAT Testing Express. So what makes our electrical inspections and testing set us apart from other electrical contractors in Leeds?

If you have recently taken over a building in Leeds? It’s common sense to have all electrical wires, circuits and appliances tested. It’s also a law & regulation in the UK that all commercial buildings have a current electrical safety certificate. 

Health & Safety Must Come First

If you are an employee with a building in Leeds where your staff are working, don’t make the mistake of falling foul of the law. Give us a call and get us to check all the electrics on your property. It’s more affordable than you may think and keeps your building in compliance with all the latest UK regulations. 

Unrivalled Electrical Safety Testing and Inspection Work in Leeds

We are renowned for offering unrivalled electrical services not just on price but the way our trained electricians carry out electrical installations & checks.

Our electrical inspection process is thorough with an electrical safety check carried out on all electrical equipment on the premises. 

Why Leeds Clients choose our Electrical Contractors Leeds Services

Importance of Electrical Testing Leeds

We don’t issue safety certificates if we think you have an electrical problem in your building. Every certified electrician we employ has a duty of care to all customers. 

Electrical Installation Condition Reports 

When every electrical installation has been checked our electrician will issue an electrical installation condition report. In these reports, any underlying electrical problems are noted with solutions to fix any problems. 

Once electrical work to rectify any problems has been carried out as per the report, we will issue a health & safety certificate. 

Our Electrical Testing keeps you in compliance with UK regulations

Our electricians are accredited to carry out all checks on the electrics on a client’s property. Keeping your Leeds property compliant with the UK’s health & safety regulations is a legal requirement.

Electrical Testing & Inspection 

All electrical installation work needs to be checked regularly by certified electricians. Electrical wires can deteriorate over time causing them to be fire hazards.

As an employee to prevent any accidents in the workplace and for your peace of mind obtaining an electrical safety certificate should be paramount.

If in doubt call the Leeds experts out, we are here to help and advise and report any defects found. 


How often should an Electrical Installation be checked?

We would recommend a periodic inspection of all electrical work and electrical devices at least once per year. 

As a landlord, what is my responsibility? 

As a landlord, you have a duty of care for all tenants who let the building. The property’s electrical installations must be maintained and deemed safe throughout the tenancy.

How often do I need a fixed wire or electrical circuit tested?

Have much disruption will be caused by the electric test?

Our engineers will be happy to work around your business requirements. When a circuit needs to be shut down we will work around your needs to avoid any disruption. 

What do electrical engineers do during an EICR?

They will check all electrical circuits and wiring to make sure it complies with the UK’s national safety standards. If not a report will be issued highlighting any problems and solutions to rectify any electrical defects. 

Need further Information?

If you are in the Leeds area and need further information regarding our electrical services. Please do not, hesitate to get in touch. If you visit our website all our contact information is there, you can either give us a call, email or use our website contact form to message us. 

One of our knowledgeable electrical engineers is here to assist you in the Leeds area.